Published on ITWEB on 20 April 2011 

DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, a provider of ICT security services, technology solutions and managed services to government, corporate and SME customers, has bagged yet another contract providing network security solutions to local government.
“We are proud of our contribution to service delivery by offering services and solutions that ensure local government can fulfil its constitutional obligation,” comments Andrew Davids, Managing Director of DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES.

The company has been operating in this space and sustainably growing, thanks to its array of services and solutions. It has deployed numerous enterprise solutions across both the private and public sectors.

The Vulnerability Management team offers a complete set of security solutions that addresses today's sophisticated security threats. One such solution is the trusted HP Tipping Point which is currently being deployed for new clients.

According to Conrad Day, DMC TECHNOLOGY SERVICES' Director of Technology and Architecture: “We recommend industry-proven proactive network security solutions for our clients. We discovered that HP's Tipping Point product for network security is a best of breed intrusion prevention appliance and its Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) delivers the most powerful network protection in the world.

“For high speed environments, we recommend the Tipping Point IPS, which is an in-line device that is inserted seamlessly and transparently into the enterprise network.

“As packets pass through the IPS, they are fully inspected to determine whether they are legitimate or malicious. This instantaneous form of protection is the most effective means of preventing cyber attacks from ever reaching their targets. The product is geared for high speed enterprise environments with layer 2 - 7 packet inspection at near wire speed. By utilising custom ASICs, together with an advanced parallel processing architecture, the product ensures that packet flows continue to move through the IPS with a latency of less than 84 microseconds,” continues Day.

Davids adds: “The threat to enterprise is universal across all sectors and any establishment utilising technology as a platform or for support is exposed. Our intent is to aggressively penetrate the public sector market. Our solutions are aimed at reducing the client's operating costs and improving efficiencies,” he points out.

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