Published on ITWEB on 3 April 2012

DMC Technology Services has concluded an agency agreement with Kombea Corporation, a Utah-based call centre solutions company, to distribute one of its groundbreaking flagship solutions, SecureCall, in southern Africa.

SecureCall is an agent-assisted automation technology, one of a new breed of call centre technologies billed to improve compliance and streamline processes, while increasing productivity through decreased call handle time.

Kombea Corporation provides software for call centres, including software that protects consumers' personally identifiable information and virtually eliminates charge-back fraud.

Privacy and security of information is of major concern in the call centre environment. Examples of breaches abound with the most recent uncovering of India call centre workers selling confidential information of 500 000 UK residents.

According to The Daily Mail, undercover reporters from the Sunday Times met with two individuals who claimed to be IT workers, and offered to provide them with 45 different types of data, including names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card details.

The information could allow criminals to access the financial details of unwitting victims and lead to the raiding of accounts and the cloning of credit cards. Among the banks reportedly believed to be involved are NatWest and Barclays.

SecureCall allows customers to give agents sensitive information without the agent seeing or hearing it. The agent remains on the line the entire time, allowing customers to conduct business as usual with added comfort of controlling information,” commented Andrew Davids, Managing Director at DMC Technology Services.

“This piece of technology will afford call centres increased compliance with current legislation, especially important aspects of the PPI and CPA, the regulation of collection, use and access to personal information. In addition to combating agent fraud, SecureCall will reduce fraudulent charge-backs. As part of each credit-card transaction, SecureCall can capture a "verbal signature", send it to the customer, and make it available to your internal organisation. As a result, fewer customers falsely claim they didn't authorise a charge and your organisation is armed with proof of authorisation,” continued Davids.

The application is seamlessly deployed as a CRM plug-in, without the need to change or replace existing technology. It utilises the existing phone system and CRM back-end application. Applets are seamlessly launched at strategic locations within the current CRM process to capture personal information and to record verbal confirmation from the customer that the transactions and information have been provided correctly.

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